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Everything You Need to Know About Bamboo Toilet Paper

Bamboo toilet paper is a more durable alternative to regular wood paper. Surprise it's made of bamboo. Bamboo, though the grass, has similar properties to hardwoods such as oak, maple, or birch, which are usually mixed with conifers such as pine to make simple toilet paper.

Bamboo premium paper towels is really an amazing thing. Not only does it feed pandas, but it can also be used to make roads, buildings, furniture, groceries, clothes, toothbrushes, bicycles, and yes, toilet paper.

The most important plant species include evergreen deciduous forests, coniferous and mixed deciduous forests, Bergelfen forests and many bamboos. This means that our bamboo is not planted in a barren area as it has been planted there for thousands of years.

The process of making bamboo toilet paper is quite clear and clean. The raw bamboo is first made into cellulose and then pressed into large paper rolls. They are then divided into smaller roles for smaller creatures like us. No need to use bleach and waste creating a closed system. The plant is also powered by solar energy.

As previously mentioned, making bamboo toilet paper is easy and clean. The process of making ordinary paper from wood pulp is much more confusing. To make paper, trees are first cut down, which in itself is an environmentally intensive process. So it takes a lot of water to clean and prepare the dregs. Various chemicals are also involved in the manufacturing process. Chlorine is used, for example, to bleach pulp and make toilet paper softer, but at the disadvantage of also contaminating local water sources.

How Can We Examine The Best Toilet Paper?

A good quality toilet paper is the one that doesn’t disintegrate in water quickly and is soft on your skin.

How to examine the best toilet paper consumer reports

We want everyone to test the product that one is going to purchase either online or offline. You must do some research on different toilet papers from different aspects.  The major things which must be assessed before buying any toilet paper include:

Disintegration time: If the paper disintegrates fast on the slosh box, then it means the disintegration time is good.

Puncture resistance: This can be examined by pushing the steel tube slowly through a sheet of paper. In this test, the force which is required to puncture the sheet will be calculated. Higher the force required, the better will be the paper.

Environmental impact: A toilet paper is considered environmentally friendly if it is manufactured from local sustainable raw material. If the emissions emitted in the manufacturing of paper are minimum, then it means the toilet paper has no negative impact on the environment.

Similarly, if the product uses recycled paper, then it also comes under Eco-friendly products.

Separation ease: The force required to separate the sheets at the breach. The easier it is, the better will be the paper.

Softness: Another thing to assess for quality toilet paper is softness. The paper must be soft enough to crumple into balls.