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Fire Proof Gun Safe

We live in a country where people have the right to bear arms allowing people to own at least one firearm. Firearms can be expensive and need to be protected from fire, burglaries, and most importantly curious children. 

A fireproof gun safe will protect your expensive firearms from damage, theft, or an accident. With many varieties of safes available, here are two questions to ask while deciding on the right sage for their needs. If you want to learn more about firearm training, then visit

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What type of fireproof gun safe is needed? 

If one has a pistol or other small handguns, a small safe should be sufficient. For storing rifles, ARs, other big guns along with important documents, a tall safe with a shelf to hold the papers & other smaller items would be needed. 

Along with different weights, heights, and widths, fireproof gun safes come in many different colors. A specific color may not make a difference in the quality of the safe; however, there are different colors to choose from to match any decor.

What is the fire rating for the safe? 

No one expects or wishes their home to catch fire and burn to the ground however in the instance that it does, they will wish or be grateful to have a safe protecting their guns, important documents, and valuables. 

There are different fireproof ratings for safes. Fireproof ratings are generally given by minutes or hours and provide a sign of how effectively the safe will safeguard the valuables in a fire, maintaining the guns and ammo protected from damage throughout a specific given period.