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Thumb Sucking – Stop The Habit To Avoid Orthodontic Treatment

Children are born with a natural sucking reflex that often turns into pleasurable behavior. It's not uncommon for babies or children to find a thumb or finger to calm themselves down when they are tired or upset as a coping mechanism. 

But thumb-sucking creates major problems with the position of the teeth and the growth of the jaw hence it is important to stop this habit as soon as possible.  You can also purchase the best thumb sucking guard via to prevent your child from thumb sucking.

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Here are five tips we would like to recommend to parents to actively encourage their child to end the harmful thumb-sucking habit after 5 years of age:

1. Explain to your child the harm the habit can do to their mouth and teeth. Children today are smarter than you think. They like to be treated like adults. Images of open bites and buck teeth go a long way in helping.

2. With your child's contribution, develop a program to end the habit. Let them proactively figure out the best way to fix their problem on their own. They are more likely to cooperate if they have a choice. Suggest tools such as wearing socks in bed at night while they fall asleep as a reminder.

3. At the end of each week, create a progress calendar with a reward system that offers small rewards. Offer rewards to children after the habit has been off for at least 4-6 weeks. 

4. Children always react more positively to positive praise than negative criticism. Instead of reminding them to end the habit, praise them for actively reducing or eliminating the habit.

Try these above-mentioned tips for your child to stop thumb sucking.