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How to Verify Employee Records With Help Of Employment Verification Services

Employers review employment records for a variety of reasons. Reviewing previous employment records can provide a clearer picture of the candidate's employment history. In addition, you should review your criminal record to ensure that you are aware of any prior convictions.

By conducting a thorough criminal background review and taking the time to review your employment records, you are taking an important step to protect your company and its employees from decisions made without important information. Some top-rated employment verification companies provide the services of employment verification.

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How to check job records

To review your employment history, you must ask the applicant to fill out a form that gives you permission to review your previous employment as well as permission from your former employer to disclose information. After obtaining permission, make a copy of this document and send it to the employer of the previous applicant along with a list of job questions you would like answered.

Additional considerations for reviewing job records

In addition to sending questions to your previous employer, you may want to consider other options. For example, hiring an outside job verification company to perform job verification tasks on your behalf may be a better option.

Consisting of a large database of payroll systems and other resources, this system is used by employers to review employment history and lenders to make smart credit decisions. Criminal checks and social security number checks are smart too.