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Do You Have Business Liability Insurance?

Business insurance protects you from liability arising from an accident, injury, slander, and defamation. Policies also cover legal fees to defend a lawsuit. Some vendors or customers may even require you to have this before they do business with you.

There are many different types of business insurance you can buy. If you sell a product, than you are likely a product liability insurance needs. If you are in a service-based business, then maybe you just need a general business liability policy or you may require professional liability insurance. You can check out business liability insurance via for getting more knowledge about liability insurance.

What should you do to protect yourself as a businessman:

Step 1. Get referrals for insurance brokers. They are independent insurance professionals and can shop the best policy from the right insurance company for your best. If you go to your local insurance agent, they may be able to offer you, but they can only sell their company policy.

Step 2. Say your insurance broker nature of your business. Ask him / her to identify potential exposure you, should you ever have to pay a claim.

Step 3. Do 25 jumping jacks. You still reading this?

Step 4. Tell what your insurance broker sales and profits.

Step 5. What is the cost of this? I have seen the business liability insurance policy that costs less than $ 1000 per year for $ 1 million of coverage. It is not expensive. To review with your insurance broker. The devil is in the details.