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Botox Injection Treatments For Dystonia

Over the years I have had muscle cramps in my right arm. It's very hard for me to feel good about myself with proper physical therapy. The reason is I have a condition called "dystonia". My muscles often grip me. Dystonia, by definition, is a neurological movement disorder in which prolonged muscle contractions result in twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal posture. This is a condition in which muscles are stiff, posture is not normal, and muscle control is impaired.

There are great remedies out there with the latest treatments that can help anyone suffering from a tight muscle disorder right now. These are called botox injections and have been growing rapidly. You can consult with the doctors for botox in San Francisco. For anyone with a muscle spasm disorder, apart from a specific dystonia or muscle disorder, Botox injections can help.

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After discussing several options, botox injections were discussed with me first. Amazingly, I was told that this is the same botox that many people use to treat wrinkles. I have heard countless stories about Botox wrinkle reduction. However, it's nice to hear that botox has many other uses besides trying to make people look younger.

Botox is the name of a drug made from botulinum toxin type A. In short, Botox is a therapeutic agent for muscle relaxation that reduces spastic muscle contractions or unwanted muscle cramps in certain areas. Botox reduces muscle stiffness at the injection site.

The use of botox has grown rapidly in reducing wrinkles and has successfully treated dystonia in people with serious medical conditions, making the use of botox another huge success.