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Talc Powder And Ovarian Cancer

Talcum powder is made from talc, which is a hydrated magnesium silicate. This is used for many purposes and occurs in many, if not most, households in one form or another.

Although most commonly known as baby powder, is used to prevent or treat rashes, many women also use powder for personal hygiene and cosmetics. As a result, many different products are also available in the market such as body powder, such as shower to shower and other brands.

But it is proven theory of link between talcum powder and dangerous ovarian cancer.

The talc contained in many of these powders is a mineral made from hydrated magnesium silicate. Although talcum powder is generally recognized as safe, it can cause serious and potentially dangerous health problems when used for women's hygiene.

Concerns about the possible relationship between powder and ovarian cancer have been suspected for decades. However, manufacturers have sold powder for the body as a safe product while maintaining important consumer safety information.

In early 1971, researchers found that powder was embedded in 75% of all ovarian tumors examined. In addition, several studies and reports have confirmed that the powder, which is applied to the female genital area,  and enter the uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.

Because of the inability of Johnson and Johnson and other manufacturers to determine the potential risk of ovarian cancer for women, financial compensation from litigation or settlement with talcum powder may be possible.