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How Do I Choose The Best Lingerie For My Body Shape?

Whether you're shopping for yourself or advising your partner on what to buy as a romantic gift, there are a few guidelines you should follow to make sure you get the right underwear for your figure.

First, a well-fitting bra and related products can work wonders for all breast sizes. This can place the smaller breasts and lift and separate the heavier ones. The best way to find the right bra is to check your favorite lingerie store or use an online customization guide.

How Do I Choose The Best Lingerie For My Body Shape?

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With a bra that fits properly, it will feel like you are not wearing a bra at all, but you will see the difference when you take it off! Support is of course the most important issue, but we also want our bras to look good. Black lace is very popular together with satin.

Red and turquoise bras are also very popular, but try to match your bra color to your skin tone. Red bras with very pink skin don't look good.

If you are looking for bridal lingerie, then white and ivory are elegant and popular choices. A good bodice or bustier looks great when the wedding dress is removed. Together with a pair of see-through panties and a pair of socks, this wedding is sure to get off to a great start!

However, times change and people wear different colors like pink or light blue. The color is not as important as the suitability of the wedding outfit, as it not only has to look and feel comfortable under the wedding gown, but it should look great without the dress later.