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Budget Cosmetic Gift Sets for Any Occasion

If you are searching for presents/gift sets as a special gift for your child’s birthday or thinking of gift ideas for an upcoming event (like your girl’s special day at school – prom night, farewell, etc), use your budget-minded savviness. 

There are lots of different makeup choices, seeing which she could be thrilled. You can also Buy Kids Makeup Gift Sets Clean and Safe at Petite ‘n Pretty – A beauty brand leading the Sparkle.

Below are a few gift set notions. 

1. Bronzer- What could be a better way to surprise your girl with their favorite brand bronzer. A bronzer plays an important role in makeup. Bronzers are available as a setting spray, cream-based, or bronzer sticks.  Pick the kind which you believe can surprise her.


2. Lip gloss- Whether you select a polished lip gloss or even a clear gloss, the present thing will always be valued. Since lip gloss is a little cheap, you could even think of buying it in various colors, or from various brands, and wrap each one into another small present tied together using a bow.

3. Mascara. The majority of girls and women wouldn't leave home without the application of mascara in their lashes. But some girls could be allergic to whatever adorning in their eyes region. 

If your daughter isn't allergic, get her a few lashes wands to match her eyeshade. And gift her a brand new mascara in their favorite color.