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Why the Pharmaceutical Organisations Need an ERP Solution

Nowadays, most of the pharmaceutical organisations or companies are facing countless business challenges like requirements in the stringent regulatory, reforms in the radical healthcare, a discerning and demanding customer base, market trends, vying global competition and much more.

Today, consumers are trying to look for such health care products that are available at lucrative prices without compromising the quality.

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Hence, the pharma distributors and manufacturers are looking for some solution that can effectively diminish the production cost, maximise the efficiency and streamline the operations.

In this scenario, ERP solutions are becoming immensely popular in the pharmaceutical industry. Here is a list of 5 persuasive reasons why the pharmaceutical organisations need a potent ERP solution.

Material and Inventory Management

An efficient ERP system dedicated for the pharmaceutical industry has special modules that can not only control the material wastage but can check the inventory levels. Moreover, such modules are perfect for setting targets, pinpointing production material requirements, monitoring all the material usage, generating triggers for replenishment and procurement.

Apart from all these, such potent pharma ERP system helps to formulate the reports of inventory status along with reconciling the inventory balances.

Marketing and Sales Management

With the help of an ERP system, managing the contract and processing the sales order instantly becomes easier. Tasks like maintaining all the customer history and records, automatically migrating the information to the sales order, generating precise quotations, executing all the promotional campaigns to drive the ROI etc. become easier. Thus, integrating a robust ERP solution can help you to take care of the marketing and sales activities.