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What Type of Research is Presented Best In An Infographic?

Collecting research and reporting it in an infographic format is an ideal way to engage and inform your audience. Building an effective research infographic that empowers your audience with knowledge can be time-consuming.

The good news is there are many tried-and-true methods of making the process simple and easy to replicate for future research infographics. You can use the best research infographic template via

To do research for an infographic, identify sources that will have the information you need by doing web searches of the topic. If you’re looking for data for your infographic, use “topic + statistics” or a similar query. Be sure to note all your sources, including the URLs, especially for any data.

Whether your research consists of data or informational content, research infographics are vital tools for the average marketer, academic, or leader. To make an infographic from a research paper, first, create an outline that follows the basic structure of the research paper. Then fill in that outline using content, information, or data referenced in the research paper and put the information into a layout that flows logically.

Infographics are excellent venues for many types of research, including both qualitative and quantitative research. Research infographics can engage and inform your audience in a way few other pieces of content could hope to do.