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What Is Vehicle Wrapping?

Wrapping vehicles is a process that was used previously predominantly on commercial vehicles to promote advertising and branding, however, it is increasingly being used by private car owners.

The process itself involves covering the entire exterior of the vehicle with a thin, malleable, and sticky vinyl. Once the vinyl is positioned and installed, it is trimmed around windows, door supports, panel gaps, and upholstery details. Then it is carefully glued to the paint, the air trapped under the vinyl is removed with a soft eraser and then glued and processed around the contours of the car with a heat gun. You can choose custom car or van signage & decals via Vehicle Vinyl Wrapping Romeoville.

The reason that people are applying the technique of vinyl wrapping for their cars is to give a total color change. In the past, if you wanted to alter the colors of your car you'd need to have it completely painted. 

There are several advantages to having your car packed rather than painted, the most important of which is price. While an overall car fairing is still a significant investment, it is a much cheaper alternative to a complete paint job.

Also, unfortunately, most repair shops don't repair the paint properly and after the vehicle is repainted, imperfections in the coating, such as the amount of dust and spray, are very common.