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What Is Somatic Psychotherapy?

Somatic Psychotherapy is a way of thought that holds your body experience in mind. Our early history, before the acquisition of language and the ability of particular episodes of explicit memories, has a huge impact on us.

While all authorized therapists share a set of information and a set of legal and moral guidelines about their work, many also have specializations in reliable psychotherapy treatment in Silicon Valley. As such, you may wonder if a particular approach to the therapeutic process is good for you.

somatic psychotherapy

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Somatic Psychotherapy (also called Body Psychotherapy) is an approach that integrates current research in neuroscience, body awareness practices of both Eastern and Western cultures, and aspects of Gestalt, psychodynamic, relational, and traditions therapy Humanists.

This holistic model works with any person; body and mind, thought, feeling, and sensing. What this means is that sometimes the focus will be on your experience at the time rather than the content of a recent stressor or particular past.

In addition to exploring the thoughts and feelings, as would happen in therapy, the somatic psychotherapist can also help you explore the gestures, body tension, and special sensations through conscious awareness, movement, or touch.

What we have learned about the world and our place during this time is stored in implicit procedural memory. Somatic Psychotherapy is useful in working with this aspect of our unconscious experience, which is primary in our early years but continues throughout our lives to shape our relationship to ourselves and the world that surrounds us.