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Ways you can use a Side Table

 side table mid century


A side table is small however, this small table can actually turn out to have a major impact. You can use a side table to be used as an armchair, leg rest, putting light to moderate weight items and more. Traditional side table was used for the sole purpose of serving tea and coffee. However, with change in time, the purpose of side table has grown more than one can imagine. These are a few ways you can use your side table in your home.

  1. As a Source of Bookshelf – Many of us still love to read books and newspapers even with so many sources of digital sources available. You can use a side table to tuck our favorite novel in an orderly fashion as a form of remembrance. Moreover, you can also use it as a source of bookshelf to give a different look.
  2. As a Source of Storing Office Items – You can turn a side table into something like an office storage especially if the table has drawers. Furthermore, for those who wish to have a classic look, then you can always keep the side table next to a wooden desk or glass side table.
  3. As a Source of Storing Toiletry Items – Sounds weird using a side table for bathroom purposes, right? However, as mentioned before side tables can be used to transform into something more useful. You can use it to store small toiletries and towels with the help of simple tweaks made to the table.

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