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Tips About the Best Facial Cleanser For Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin need not go without make-up or skin care products. Conversely, high quality natural skin care regime will help reduce sensitivity over time and will promote healthy, vibrant looking skin. If you are looking for sensitive skin product then you can check this out

There are a number of symptoms that can help you to identify whether or not you have sensitive skin (should you hesitate):

  1. Your skin reacts quickly to both heat and cold; Sensitive skin burns easily, when exposed to wind or sun
  2. The skin easily irritated by detergents, cosmetics and alcohol, leaving the red skin and acne, with visible surface veins.

The key to 'normalize' sensitive skin is to use a good quality, natural skin care system and follow a skin care regime daily. Here is a step-by-step simple process anyone with sensitive skin should follow:

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Two or three times a week using a deep cleansing mask specifically formulated for oily skin. Red Earth Medicine Facial Clay Wildcrafted has been specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin and includes ingredients such as Red Clay and Rose Hydrosol, is beneficial in treating your sensitive skin.

Wash your face no more than twice a day using a natural pH balanced cleanser. This Wildcrafted Hydrating Cleanser uses ingredients such as essential oils of Rose and Chamomile mixed with glycerin and Shea Nut Butter to cleanse, soothe and moisturize your sensitive skin.

Use the appropriate toner for oily skin. Milk of Roses Toner utilize Wildcrafted Rose and Aloe Very gentle calm, hydrate and condition your sensitive skin before moisturizing.

Use a moisturizer that is designed specifically for dry and sensitive skin. Wildcrafted Rose Day Crème contains healthy oils such as almond, olive and jojoba oil in combination with essential oils of sandalwood and Rose to revitalize and soften skin and soothe irritated, sensitive skin.