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The One Hundred Percent Blue Gemstone – Aquamarine

This gemstone, known as aquamarine, is one of the most revered gemstones in the world. Creating a feeling of harmony with nature and reminiscent of the colors of the sea and sky. The mysterious deep blue of the sea often motivates people to feel love. Many jewelry designers are fascinated with the properties of blue gemstones.

According to traditional legends, aquamarine was found among mermaid artifacts. It has always been the charm of a sailor's happiness. Its name comes from two Latin words "aqua" meaning water, and "mare" meaning sea. The strength of aquamarine develops best when the stone is immersed in water-soaked in the sun.

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. The Pisces zodiac sign is also given to this gemstone and it is also the gemstone that you should give it on your 18th anniversary. Aquamarine symbolizes eternal and life-giving nature as it is the color of the sea and sky. Sparkling tones and blue tones evoke a sense of affection, harmony, and trust.

It belongs to the beryllium gemstone family, such as emeralds. Aquamarine, unlike emeralds, is usually clear. The color is obtained from iron and the amount in the crystals determines the intensity of the color. The deeper the color, the higher the value of the stone. The color varies from nearly transparent blue to deep navy blue.

Jewelry and scissors designers were blown away by the quality and uniqueness of this stone. Designers often use aquamarine to create new designs in the sophisticated jewelry market. This gemstone can be cut into fenced, pearl, fine cabochon, or carved shapes.