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The Gerson Therapy Diet And Its Usefulness

Gerson's therapy has helped increase the popularity of coffee enemas in recent years, but its origins continue. A German scientist named Max Gerson, who discovered Gerson's therapy as a doctor, took part in cancer research after it was discovered that his treatment for migraines also cured skin tuberculosis and type II diabetes. 

He then developed these drugs and eventually developed Gerson Therapy as a means to treat many diseases and treat cancer. Gerson healing nutrition is popular among various cancer treatment centers and many patients have found it effective.

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Coffee enemas play an important role in Gerson's therapy. Coffee enemas are used specifically because coffee contains palmitate, which can significantly enhance the detoxification process. Caffeine stimulates the production of the liver and bile, which are also known to carry toxins through the intestines.

Like many forms of alternative medicine, many institutions dispute Gerson's claims that they can cure cancer. His therapy is said to have cured only 50 patients, and many more who are using Gerson Therapy speak of the positive aspects of alternative cancer treatments. Even so, many still choose to continue therapy as an alternative to chemotherapy, which itself has many shortcomings as a cure for cancer.

Gerson at least made us aware of how many toxins we unconsciously inject into our bodies every day. Sometimes even a simple change in diet can make our chronic illness go away and even cure a more life-threatening illness.

Diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease, allergies, and many other degenerative diseases can be cured. Simply put, it is a diet made of natural foods that break down diseased tissues in the body.


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