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The Best Free Skip Trace Tools You Can Use To Find Stolen Cars

Skip tracing is the process of locating a missing or stolen car by following its electronic records, such as GPS coordinates and Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs). By using various online tools and databases, Skip Trace can often provide valuable leads that help detectives track down the vehicle and its rightful owner.

If you are looking for skip tracing software that can help you track down a missing asset, then look no further than REISkip designed for skip tracing software for real estate to help law enforcement officials and real estate professionals track down missing assets. It can quickly and easily search through public records to find information about the asset.

Below are Three of the best free skip trace tools you can use to get started:

1. Google Earth: One of the most commonly used skip trace tools is Google Earth. By using satellite images and tracking data, Google Earth can often lead detectives to locations where a car was last seen.

2. CarFax: Another popular skip trace tool is CarFax. This website allows users to search through records of vehicles sold or leased in the past, as well as their VINs. By doing so, detectives may be able to track down a stolen car if it has been taken in for repair or lease by its original owner.

3. Vehicle Tracker Pro: Another great free tool for skip tracing is Vehicle Tracker Pro. This software enables users to track the location of their vehicles via GPS coordinates or other VIN information. This information can then be shared with law enforcement for tracking purposes.

Types of Skip Traces

There are a few different types of skip traces that you can use in order to locate a car that has been stolen. One of the most common methods is to use a GPS tracker to track the stolen car's whereabouts. Another option is to use social media surveillance tools in order to see if anyone connected to the stolen car posts about it online. Finally, you can also use tracking software to monitor where the stolen vehicle has been going and when.

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