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The Benefits Of Using A Recruitment Agency To Find A Job

With the employment market now slowly beginning to improve throughout the UK, it’s quite surprising to see that recruitment agencies are actually thriving in a recovering market. In fact, recruitment agencies barely noticed the reduction in employment over the past few years – with some agencies publicly announcing that more vacancies were being advertised than previously.

An employment agency is a company which aims to provide their clients (businesses / organisations) with qualified and experienced candidates. They handle the whole recruitment process, which may include vacancy advertising, headhunting, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews and candidate assessment.

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Because agencies work with multiple clients, they are often advertising for multiple vacancies across multiple market sectors. This is particularly ideal for candidates who have a wide and varied skill set, and may be suitable for different job roles.

This can be extremely beneficial for candidates who have a specific skill set and are looking for an employment opportunity within a niche market. Typically speaking, candidates who specialise in a technical job role (such as Information Technology) have difficulty finding employment – because local companies aren’t always recruiting.

This is where recruitment agencies provide a unique and bespoke service to candidates. Not only can candidates immediately apply to the recruitment agency for any advertised vacancies, but the recruitment agency will also be able to directly approach clients who may not even be advertising.

Because employment agencies earn a retainer fee on each successful placement, they often take candidate placement seriously – and this can be very beneficial for skilled candidates.