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The Basics of Playing Ping Pong

Table tennis/ping pong is among the most loved sports played across the globe. Four or more players are able to play. Learning the game of table tennis is extremely easy because it's a straightforward game to learn with no complicated rules.

As simple as it may be but it gives plenty of opportunities to improve and master various abilities. You can also browse here to get an indoor ping-pong table.

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Before you can learn to play, it is important to understand the fundamentals of the sport. The game is played by hitting a light, small ball across a big table using the racket of table tennis. Two (or four in the case of a doubles match) players are placed between each other on opposite ends of the table. A net is used to divide the table into two halves.

The players usually throw a coin and the winner serves at the beginning of the game. Each serves lasts for 2 consecutive points. After that, players swap serves.

For serving, the participant is at the end of the table with the ball in their hands. It is then shot up and then hit when it falls. The serve shot ball has to bounce once within the server's portion of the table before landing on the opponent's side. If the ball strikes the net and falls on the side of the opponent the serve is then returned. If the ball does hit the net but does not pass over, the point is awarded to the person who received the serve.