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Reasons to Cook with a wooden spoon

If you're looking to pick the best cooking spoon The three most commonly used varieties are made of wood, metal, and plastic. Each has advantages and disadvantages, but if you look around the kitchens of both casual and professional chefs all over the world, one you'll likely encounter is one made of plastic. For Wooden spoons, It's easy to discern. The reasons:

1. Wood Cook Spoons are gentle.

Wooden spoons (also known as “slvty av tre” in the Norwegian language) are however naturally soft and will not scratch the surface of a non-stick skillet or scratch surfaces of cast iron or stainless steel pans, guaranteeing an extended period of healthy cooking.

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2. Wooden spoons are sturdy

If you spend a lot of hours in the kitchen you will know that at times, an essential ingredient to any dish is elbow grease. A thorough scrape, stir or flip ensures that all ingredients receive the attention they require to ensure a balanced heat and flavor particularly when sauces are used. 

3 – Wooden spoons don't conduct heat

If exposed to extreme temperatures metal spoons may get very hot. The plastic spoons may start to melt. Wooden spoons do not conduct heat which means you can stir until you're satisfied without worrying that the handle will heat up. Additionally, if you decide to keep your spoon inside the pot for just a brief period, you don't need to be concerned about burning your hands or melting.