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Technical Furniture and Video Wall Systems for Security Control Rooms

Technical equipment and audiovisual systems for the control room are no longer a late consideration given the importance of the operator's work. The operator's ability to accurately recognize and respond to what is heard and seen is critical to protecting life and property.

 Importance of ergonomics and video surveillance tools in the control room

Security control room operators cannot be expected to remain alert and able to respond to events in facilities that are not well equipped for the job. You can choose the best security control room that will be designed to hold specialized equipment to capture the 24/7 activity.

Typical control room workplaces are equipped with IT equipment and surveillance software displayed on the latest high-definition video screens. Large screen technology is currently most effective as a video wall display matrix.


An experienced and talented design team plays an important role in the development of custom-engineered furniture and video wall systems. The team designed each section of the console so that the operator has ample space to sit comfortably and all tools are easily accessible. 

Ergonomics plays an important role in the design process. There should be adequate space and access to cables, communications equipment, adjustable computer monitors, and a video wall management system. Manufacturers are also conducting research to develop future solutions for systems that will include optical cables.

A suitable video wall controller is configured to receive signals from DVRs, TVs, individual computers, and computer networks. The video wall is controlled from the operator's desktop or keyboard and mouse, or programmed controls on the touch panel

Security Guard – An Ideal Option For Security of Your Business

If you feel you don't need or can't afford full-time security for your company's website, you might consider a mobile patrol service. Mobile patrol services can save a lot of money while providing protection. You can look for the best mobile patrol services at Lodge Service

9 Qualities You Need to Become a Security Guard

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For example, mobile security services cost about a third less than onsite security guards. The number of mobile patrols for your premises depends on your needs and budget.

Guard Dogs:- In certain circumstances, the only real security option is to use guard dogs. This means using specially trained guard dogs with trained handlers. Guard dogs can identify the location of sounds much faster than humans and can hear sounds up to four times as far as humans can.

Night Security:- Security may only be needed on weekends or evenings and this is also easy to set up.

Benefits of hiring security for your business:-

o Hiring a security guard can save your company a lot of money in the long run. You save on cost coverage and replacement of lost or damaged inventory. It can also help lower your insurance premiums.

o If customers feel safe and secure in your company, they are more likely to return.

o Staff will appreciate feeling safe at work and upon arrival and departure.

o Security services provide you with security, even if you cannot be alone at work.

o A variety of security services offer something to suit every company and every budget.

Having a security guard can bring many business advantages, and there are many services to choose from, meaning your business is safe and secure.