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Why You Should have Regular Eye Tests

Regular eye exams are important for anyone who wears glasses or contacts. You may experience headaches while working or watching TV. Or if your eyes are tired at the end of the day, it might be time to schedule an appointment.

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Here are some reasons you should have your eyes checked regularly:

1. It is possible for your sight to deteriorate quickly so you should get it checked as soon as you can. It's better to get your eyes checked and told there are no problems than to go blind from uncorrected vision.

2. If caught early, many eye and vision conditions like glaucoma are treatable. You can't get the right treatment if you don't have your eyes examined.

3. Many sight conditions and eyes don't have obvious symptoms and go untreated. Your optician can diagnose and treat any medical condition.

4. An optician can also diagnose other medical conditions, such as diabetes. Your optician can diagnose other medical conditions such as diabetes, even though you may not be aware.

5. Regular eye exams are recommended for anyone with an eye condition. This will allow you to detect any genetic conditions or other symptoms that may affect your vision.

6. High blood pressure and diabetics should have their eyes checked on a regular basis.

7. As their eyes develop and grow, children may require multiple vision tests each year. A child who wears glasses may have their prescription changed within a few months. They may experience headaches or problems with schoolwork.