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Livestock Production: Recent Trends & Future Prospects

The livestock sector around the world is very dynamic. In developing countries, it is developing in response to the fast-growing demand for animal products.

In industrialized countries, demand for animal products has stagnated, while many production systems have increased efficiency and environmental suitability. You can also know more about livestock production management online via

Historical changes in the demand for animal products are due in large part to population growth, income growth and human urbanization, and the production response in various livestock systems related to science and technology, as well as the increase in animal numbers.

In the future, production will be increasingly constrained by competition for natural resources, particularly land and water, competition between food and feed, and the need for a carbon-constrained economy.

Livestock is likely to be increasingly affected by carbon restrictions and environmental and animal welfare laws. The future demand for animal products can be greatly reduced by socio-economic factors such as human health problems and changes in socio-cultural values.

What is the future of livestock systems around the world? Some estimates agree that growth in demand for animal products, driven primarily by population growth, income growth, and urbanization, will continue for at least the next three decades.

Around the world, recent increases in animal productivity are mainly due to animal science and technology, and developments in science and technology in the fields of animal husbandry, nutrition, and health will continue to contribute to increasing production potential and further efficiency.