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Types Of Work Performed By Wet Utility Contractors

Hiring wet utility contractors is necessary when work needs to be performed on underground pipes.

These types of contractors are involved with the installation of water and sewer pipes and stormwater drainage systems; repair or removal of existing pipes; preparing construction sites for demolition work, land restoration where pipeline work was performed.

Wet utility contractors also are needed for the repair or installation of public water treatment systems, pre-cast pump houses, and steel tanks, as well as modernizing freshwater pipelines. You can also get General Engineering Utilities Contractor in Los Angeles at L.M. Olson, Inc. online.

Wet utility construction contractors undergo significant training before they are allowed to work at construction sites. Workers often encounter dangerous conditions that could lead to serious injury, death, or accidental discharge of toxins into the environment.

One resource that is particularly helpful to utility contractors is subsurface utility engineering. Utility firms make use of several types of high-tech equipment that are used to produce a 3-D map of the construction site.

All contractors that perform subsurface utility work must take measures to ensure construction safety is a top priority. Whenever workers dig trenches to conduct underground work they must shore up the soil around the trenches to reduce the potential for cave-ins.

Contractors have to be very mindful when performing work close to utility lines because contact to exposed lines could result in severe injuries or even death. Causing damage to the existing underground utility pipeline could result in street flooding, discharge of environmental pollutants, or deadly explosions.