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Human Resources Are Crucial In The Creation Of A Leadership Development Blueprint

Their encouragement to develop a work performance model in the operations division that would be compatible with the bank-wide performance evaluation process provided us with a valuable learning tool. You can get more information about the HR role in leadership development in Houston.

This encouragement was a huge benefit to HR because it increased the credibility of the leaders in making recommendations for salary increases, bonuses, or just annual wage increases. Human Resources were very happy when the operational leaders gained more credibility. This increased the "defensibility” of their actions.

The HR team also contributed valuable resources to the program:

Assisting in the leadership of the monthly "Ask HR” segment at every monthly meeting. They made sure that they were visible and easily accessible by sitting in the front row. They helped first-level supervisors interview applicants.

One of their key personnel explained that they were very supportive of the program. "As our division gains higher-quality leaders and has fewer 'bosses,' our headaches decrease. We are actually being selfish: It's in your best interest to make our jobs easier!

Useful Metrics

Success in any business environment is dependent on having reliable and meaningful metrics. We won't be able to measure progress towards predetermined goals if there is no way to know if we're making progress or going in the right direction.