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Things To Know Before You Buy CBD

CBD is a natural union called a cannabinoid found in marijuana and hemp, two types of the cannabis Sativa plant. CBD influence indicates pathways between cells and has the potential to affect many systems in your body. You can also buy CBD products through various websites.

However, unlike its chemical relative, THC (which is only found in marijuana), CBD has no psychoactive effects, meaning it won't get you high. 

If you are curious to try the trend? Here are some things experts want you to know before diving into CBD.

Find out about possible interactions

The World Health Organization notes that CBD is generally well tolerated and has a good safety profile, but it's important to know that rigorous CBD safety studies still need to be conducted. Talk to your doctor about any interactions before practicing. For example, CBD increases your risk of bleeding if you take certain blood thinners and should be avoided if you have liver problems.

Talk to your doctor

If the problem is pain, talk to a pain specialist. If insomnia is the problem, talk to a sleep specialist. You tell your doctor that what you're doing currently isn't working and you want to try something new." Additionally, your doctor may be able to show you CBD products that have worked with other patients and (at least) help you monitor your progress and reactions.