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Be Mindful Of Your Safety In The Lab

Safety rules can be painful at times, especially when we have to sacrifice research time to meet safety obligations, but that's better.

There are many terrible stories about laboratory accidents on the internet: a researcher died while working with tert-butyllithium, a researcher was seriously injured while synthesizing energy materials, a researcher lost his hand when combining hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide and oxygen from a high pressure tube. The list continues. Hence it is important to have lab safety inspection.

On the other hand, we have a problem when we can't wear shorts and sandals in the summer. During the experiment, it's easy to scratch the itch with gloves. Not being able to bring water or coffee to the lab can be annoying at times. This list also continues.

Accidents can sound far if we don't handle lithium compounds or high-pressure cylinders. However, the dangers of the laboratory are closer than you think.

Each research laboratory contains several potential hazards if appropriate precautions are not taken. The Environmental Health and Safety Office at each university strives to create and maintain a safe environment, and laboratory rules and guidelines are generally very accessible.

What we can do is identify and assess hazards in our research laboratories, provide clear warning signs of potential hazards, and take appropriate precautions when conducting experiments. Each research laboratory has its own conclusions, and the safety situation must be assessed individually in advance.