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Cork Flooring – The Natural Renewable Flooring Solution

Everyone is trying to be green in their home or business today. One of the first places to start is where you go during the day. your floor! Floors, especially hardwood floors, help cut down forests and pump more pollutants into the air during production. Not to mention the terrible chemicals used on hardwood floors.

Well, there is a solution where you can both help the environment and have wooden floors and what is called cork flooring. As you can imagine, this is made of cork, the same substance as a cork stopper for a bottle of wine. In fact, a cork made of tiles or corkboard is a residue from making bottle caps.

The cork is extracted from cork oak and does not break or die during harvest. Cork oak bark can be collected every nine to twelve years. Since these trees are easy to grow and have a lifespan of up to 250 years. They are a natural solution for renewable cork flooring via

A Gallery of Cork Flooring Designs

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Cork also has many advantages that make it an attractive solution for flooring. First, the cork is not easily damaged and can actually be compressed to 60% of its size and return to its normal shape without damage. 

The cellular structure of the cork makes it easy to walk around, and the natural chemicals in the material help repel insects and allergens. If you are interested in learning more about cork flooring, continue below to continue your research on this amazing flooring product.