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Make Your Home Colorful With RGBW LED Controller

LED lighting is now becoming very popular and many households use it for residential lighting.  If RGBW lights are used for decoration, an RGBW LED controller will enable more chances including static colors and color-changing patterns.                          

Generally, RGBW LED lights are designed with 4 stations: R, G, B, and W, so an LED controller with 4 channel output is necessary, and it outputs PWM signal to the attached lights. Read this article to learn more about the LED strip light with remote control.

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The control signal may be variable depending on the control, for example, RF, DMX, DALI, and 0-10V. Here I urge the RF signal controller as it enables wireless control. 

The way to choose an ideal RGBW LED control for your lighting?  We must do it step by step. Firstly we must figure out the sort of lamp we use. AC or DC, constant voltage or constant current if DC?  

By the way, if it's an AC LED lamp, control with AC input and output is needed. If it's DC with continuous voltage input, such as DC LED strip lights, then you need to decide on a corresponding control and an additional power source for the controller.  

So does the DC with continuous current input. Please make sure that the controller you select can control the RGBW LED. Secondly, when the controller is chosen properly, we must select a signal sender, such as an RF sender, the sender would need to have the ability to control RGBW lights.  

The RF senders can be found in a variety of types including conventional wall switch, rotary knob as well as the emerging remote key control and full touch control.