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Future Mac Or iPad Screens Could Be Used As A Smart Mirror

Apple is considering the possibility of producing devices that have a screen with adjustable reflections, which can potentially switch between displaying information to the user and acting as a mirror.

The layer may include linear and reflective polarization, a liquid crystal layer for managing the level of polarization, and a polarized  uses both liquid crystals and dichroic dye molecules. You can find the best apple smart mirror via the web.

Smart Mirror

Image Source: Google

In theory, the layer would be controllable, switching between moving the light from the pixel array to the user at one extreme and stopping the light while reflecting ambient light from the environment.

Some elements of the filing also explain how the user will interact with such displays, including head-tracking, gain-tracking, facial recognition, and the use of hand gestures, the use of a built-in camera and other sensors.

For example, by tracking a user's gaze, it can detect that the user is watching a notification icon for a specified time, which can then trigger other content to be displayed on-screen.

Controllable Reflection has relatively few applications in Apple's current product line, but it may be useful for aesthetic reasons. For example, an iPhone display can be made like a mirror, when not in use, but appears as a black screen.

Outside of Apple's current ecosystem, it can be used to produce smart mirror systems, a product category that is yet to actually take off, along with various concepts created by firms over the years Home-made versions too.