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Is There A Correct Way To Load The Dishwasher?

Those who start using dishwashers for the first time often get confused while loading dishes in their dishwashers. In all the excitement of buying a dishwasher, they forget to ask the proper way of loading dishes in it. If you have also bought a dishwasher after reading the best dishwasher reviews by consumer reports, then this post is meant for you too. Well, there is nothing complicated about loading a dishwasher, and you can know the right process in the steps below.

  1. Place lunch and dinner plates between the tines on the bottom rack and face the dirty sides towards the washer jets. Don’t stack dishes on top of each other.
  2. The large bowls will come between the tines or along the side, front, or back of the bottom rack. Angle them downward and toward the center of the dishwasher.
  3. Place larger cookware such as pans, pots, and baking dishes along the sides or back of the lower rack.
  4. Platters or flat pans should also be placed on the back of the lower rack, but away from the dishwasher door.
  5. There is a silverware basket in dishwashers, so you can load silverware into it.

That was all about the correct way to load a dishwasher, so make sure you follow the steps before loading yours.