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Everything You Need To Know About Dental Crowns In Austin TX

Dental crowns can be used in different situations. They can be used to repair worn or damaged teeth. You can repair and protect teeth that have cracks or damage. You can also repair teeth that have healed the root canal. They can be used to treat mild teeth straightening problems.

They can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth that change color and are used in the treatment of dental implants. You can easily get the top dentist in Austin TX

Dental crowns can be made from various materials. The crown is best made of ceramic or porcelain. They are not as strong as some other types of crowns, so they are not usually used for posterior teeth which are subject to significant wear from chewing. This crown is also suitable for patients who suffer from allergies to certain metals.

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The most common type of crown used by dentists is the so-called PFM crown (porcelain which is fused with metal). They are recommended for back teeth because the metal base is very strong and can withstand chewing pressure.

Various types of metal bases can be used, including chrome and nickel. In addition, porcelain can be glued with silver, gold or platinum, and this type of crown is of course more durable.

The most amazing crown is a crown made of zirconium metal. They are very strong and can be used for anterior or posterior teeth. They have extraordinary looks that are as good as all ceramic or all porcelain crowns.

They can be made from hard zirconium or used as a base for porcelain veneers. Because zirconium is very strong, crowns may be thinner than other types and do not need many teeth to be removed.