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A Guide on Australian Visas

Australia has a migration program that follows the name of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). This organization is responsible for screening and remove all visas to enter Australia.

There is a budget of around 200,000 visas that were issued for permanent residence, but this can be adjusted or set by the minister concerned in accordance with skill requirements, the sentiment of citizens, and other political circumstances. You can apply for an Australian visa via

DIAC manages a subclass 149 visa where 25 of the subclass constitutes about 97% of all visas issued. This subclass belonging to workers, families, visitors, students, and humanitarian visas and also reclassified further into temporary and permanent visas and onshore and offshore.

Worker: It is an employer-sponsored visa issued for the purposes of work in Australia. These are further classified into temporary and permanent as well as onshore and offshore. Visa has included entrants from fields such as religion, sport, diplomatic, academic, and entertainment.

Family: The visa application is the second major category of migrants and adds about a third of all permanent residency each year. There are almost 45,000 visas granted annually under this program for spouses and dependents of visa holders are already there.

Visitors: This is the largest single set of visas approved by the DIAC. It is given to citizens who are interested in vising and Australia for the short-term excursion. However, the program also has the unique elements where DIAC also provides a 'working holiday visa' and 'work and holiday visa' which allows the visitor permission to work and earn in the country while on vacation.

Student: This is given to foreign nationals who wish to study in Australia in an accredited university. Every international student looking to pursue a course in primary or secondary education, English language intensive courses for overseas students (ELICOS), vocational training, and higher education are traditionally eligible for this visa.