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Lower Back Pain Causes – Severe Back Pain Relief

Pain in the lower back is extraordinarily common, affecting people of all ages and backgrounds, from workers to students to sports people alike. Treating lower back pain is best done early in order to increase your chances of successful recovery, particularly before the symptoms become too constant, severe, and difficult to manage.

There are many different causes of this pain, which range from poor posture to poor sports techniques. But there is one reason that might be the basis of lower back pain, read on to find out the truth about lower back pain.

The lumbar spine, which refers to the bottom of the back, is a complex structure and is influenced by a number of surrounding structures including the pelvis, hips, and thoracic booths, all of which can contribute to lower back pain. In the past the following causes have been quoted to contribute to lower back pain:

  • Bad posture at work or when studying at your table
  • Heavy or bad removal techniques
  • Bad 'core stability, which refers to the inner muscles in your stomach that work to support your spine
  • Muscle or joint tightness in your back
  • However, when it comes to core stability, the researchers have found that lower back pain is actually caused by poor muscle control inside and around the spine. This can cause movements between vertebrae, causing instability and thus resulting in sharp or uncomfortable pain.