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Some Interesting Facts About Boxing

Believe it or not, boxing's official name isn't really boxing – it's a fighting game. Pugilism means "the practice and skill of fighting with boxing". Joseph Louis Barrow, also known as "The Brown Bomber", was a professional boxer who fought from 1934 to 1951. Barrow was the world heavyweight champion for more than ten years, from 1937 to 1949, and defended his title in 26 fights. 

Today, Barrow is considered one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. Did you know that boxing comes in two forms, amateur and professional? Amateur boxing, which became an Olympic sport in 1908, consists of three to four rounds, which is very different from the twelve rounds of professional boxing. You can also browse online resources to learn boxing in Rotterdam (also known as “leren boksen rotterdam” in the Dutch Language).

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In amateur boxing, points are earned from the number of net strokes, regardless of the stroke. Fighters wear headgear to reduce the risk of head injury, and strikes under the belt, to the kidneys, and anywhere in the back of the head are strictly prohibited.

New York-born fighter Wilfred Benitez is considered an artist in the boxing ring, using every inch of canvas to create fist-sized masterpieces. At 17, he made headlines when he quickly became the youngest world champion in boxing history, defeating the legendary Kid Pembele (Antonio Cervantes) 5-1 in March 1976 as the underdog for the WBA super lightweight title. 

Benitez has claimed three world titles in three different divisions and at the age of 21 has won 37 times. You can search online for learning boxing in Rotterdam or can visit

A dentist in London named Jack Marles invented the first mouth guard for boxers in 1902. The mouth guard was designed to be worn during training to protect a fighter's teeth. Welterweight fighter Ted "The Kid" Lewis was the first boxer to use one of these mouthguards in the ring in 1913. Since then, mouthguards have become very popular and have gained widespread recognition in the sport of boxing.