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Presenting a Kick Scooter For Everyone

Scooters were originally developed because of the need for children to find something else to play with. It was invented using roller skates and placing them on a wooden plank, creating something very similar to a skateboard. The handle is a 2 x 4 piece of wood, and the handlebar is a 2 x 4 slot or tube attached to the top of the handlebar.

Newer scooter models are quieter, with polyurethane wheels, rear fender brakes, parking brakes, shock absorption system, hollow steering axle, and non-slip grips. Many of them are slim, foldable, and can easily be carried in a bag or carried around the house. You can also look for kick scooters at

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There are also adult folding versions like the Xootr, which are made with a stronger section and have a wider and longer deck to stand on, handbrakes, and bigger wheels. Racing scooters use bicycle wheels and cannot be folded while there is a version that is used for off-road use called mountain scooters. 

What's even more surprising is that scooters have become more than just toys. Now available with dual rear wheels, used in the industry by workers and employees in factories, hospitals, airports for extra mobility in scattered buildings and facilities.

Scooters are recommended not only for fun for kids and adults but also for short trips that may require walking as it is much faster. You can drive from home to the bus stop, get on the bus with your folding scooter, then get off the bus and ride the scooter from the bus stop to the office or wherever you want.