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Plant Care of Yellow Elder

Since it's an oldie, but a goodie across many areas Yellow elder (Tecoma Stans) is known under a variety of popular names, such as yellow bells, esperanza as well as trumpet bush. As a plant or small tree within the U.S.

Department of Agriculture zones 7 to 11 in the United States, the yellow elder is renowned for its trumpet-shaped yellow elder flowers that blossom in a variety of ways during the entire growing season usually from spring until the fall. It is extremely tolerant of heat which makes it ideal for gardeners living in hot temperatures.

yellow elder

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Many of the different varieties of yellow elders can be treated in the same way.

Give yellow elders a minimum of 6 hours of sun every day. If the shade of trees and plants is a problem for the plant, trim them back when you can. If the plant is in a shaded area the yellow elder won't bloom as beautifully or grow as large and upright as it does in more light.

Create a 1- two-inch to 1-inch thick layer of compost in that area around the yellow elder, if the soil isn't draining properly. Yellow elders don't like damp roots and need well-drained soil for them to flourish.

The plant should be watered only in dry, hot weather, placing about 1 inch of water near the base of the plant. A lot of water could cause mildew, rot, or other harm to the yellow elder. It generally thrives on rainwater alone.