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Messenger ChatBot An Overview

A Facebook Messenger Bot is a conversational chatbot that integrates itself into the Messenger network and allows for real-time interaction with the customers as it may pertain to the order, refunds, FAQs, etc. Chatbots serve as helpful automation of numerous customer support requests and acts as an online chatting platform, like Facebook Messenger. In a sense, these chatbots are able to assist users and provide assistance to users through the use of an online chatting interface.

Facebook Messenger Bot enables users to communicate with other users. The Chatbot allows customers to interact with customers in an interactive manner. Customers can also ask questions in an easy way. The Chatbot serves as an intermediary between the user and the sales people.

Customers can ask the sales people any question they want to ask in a simple manner and get answers. If they want to talk about products and services, the Chatbot allows them to chat with the sales people, without leaving their account.

The Chatbot helps the users in getting access to various information through its conversational interface. If the user is looking for some information, he may get access to various product information, features, and benefits of various products, as well as information about shipping.

The Messenger Bot works seamlessly with Facebook. Therefore, customers do not have to sign up and log in to the website of Facebook in order to use this software. It also helps the customers to manage their account without any hassle.

The Chatbot is capable of interacting with the users in a personalized way. The users can interact with the Chatbot and answer queries. There are many other functions offered by the ChatBot.

To start, the Chatbot displays some basic information related to the selected item. It will also give the option to show the customer details. This will include the product description, picture of the item, shipping information, and other product details. The ChatBot has the facility to store the images of the item on the user's personal Facebook profile page so that customers can view it when the need arises.

As far as the navigation is concerned, the ChatBot is available on the Android devices as well as Windows mobile devices. To make it mobile-friendly, the users have to install the Android and Windows Mobile Messenger Bot. app on their device.

Customers can start chatting with the sales person in a conversational way. If the customer wants to ask any question, he just has to type in the required parameter and then click the send button. The Sales Person will respond to the customer query in a prompt manner.

If the customer finds that he does not understand the message, then he may type in his query and wait for the ChatBot to help him out. The ChatBot will help the customer to type in the query in its text box and provide the appropriate answer. If the query cannot be understood by the Sales Person, then it will provide an alternative query. which will provide an answer in another language.

The ChatBot is capable of providing the customer with product information such as the price, picture, description, shipping information, and other product details. It will also help the customers to contact the customer care representatives through its interactive voice and text interface.

If the customer decides to go through the product options, then the ChatBot will help him with the same. In this case, the ChatBot will provide the customers with the option of purchasing the product through its user-friendly interface. The customer can click the buy button to pay for the product using the given credit card or the PayPal payment option.

The ChatBot also helps customers with payment options. If they want to pay the product with money, then they can use the paid service provided by the company. However, if they want to pay for the product through a voucher or a coupon, they can also use the PayPal service.