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Magnetic therapy: Does it Work?

Have you ever tried one of those magnetic bracelets? You could use it as a belt for your arm, shoe insoles, or a mattress cover with tiny magnets. They did not do anything for me. It is amazing how easy it is for people to fall for a salesman or marketing campaign.

What is the definition?

It's the electromagnetic therapy machine you will find in hospitals or clinics. There are many options, including those that combine magnotherapy with other types of therapy. However, they have all been tested and proven to be reliable. If you are suffering from any pain, you can contact experts of Sheldon Chiropractic and Wellness clinic for the treatment.

Nearly all of them have a very strong magnetic field that switches quickly between the north and south poles using the alternating current. Second, any device that follows the same principles is likely to be effective. The magnetic fields are stronger than the typical powerful magnets found in mattresses and bangles.

What can we tell?

How can we determine if magnetic therapy is a help and not pseudo-scientific, semi-mystical junk? A mixture of two things is what I choose to use: practical scientific research based on statistical studies on many individuals and anecdotal proof: what users and doctors have seen personally, also collected from many people. These two types of evidence can give you a good idea about the truth. Magnetic therapy does sometimes work, but it is not always.

The Best Evidence

One of two things was common in the few successful medical appliance trials: they were either testing magnetic therapy for skin conditions such as bedsores and wounds, or they used the same pole switch as hospital equipment.

The pole switching system with the best results used powerful magnets that were ten to fifty times stronger than most of the equipment you can find in shops. If you find personal magnotherapy that is extremely powerful and pole-switches, then you are likely to have pain relief and healing.