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Know More About Electrocardiogram ECG

The human heart is an instrument that functions on the basis of electric signals. It circulates blood through the various organs of the body as a result of regular contractions. An Electrocardiogram (ECG) can be a cardiac diagnostic test used to identify any irregularities that may occur in the heart.

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The procedure is straightforward and affordable. The patient lies down on the table for examination with 10-12 electrodes affixed to his limbs including legs and arms and also the skin of the chest. The procedure takes about 10 minutes and doesn't cause any injury or pain.

The ECG readings can be used for understanding different aspects, including:

  • You should check the rate and rhythm of heartbeats.

  • Know the risk of heart attack and the chances.

  • Examine breathing issues and fatigue that are frequent.

  • Chest ache.

  • Supply of blood to different areas of the body.

In the event there is any concern or discomfort about health, you should never delay in getting the diagnostic tests. There's a lot of medical information, reports, forums, aids for the common person. Living a more healthy and conscious life is easier these days and you should take advantage of these services.