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Key Aspects Of Partner Visa For Australia

Applying for an Australian partner visa can sometimes be difficult. A simple connection is not enough. You must prove the authenticity of your relationship with the Ministry of the Interior. There are several important aspects to consider when applying for a partner visa. The relationship must be a factual relationship or a stable marital relationship.

The fulfillment of legal criteria leads to the 'issuance of a partner visa in Australia'. The Minister/Immigration Officer reviews the evidence before assessing it. For a partner visa, the applicant must be a husband or fiance. The applicant must be a partner of an Australian citizen who is a permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen. The person with whom the applicant is married or engaged is known as the "sponsor".

Partner Visa Rules for Australia - Blog

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The Australian Immigration Service will evaluate applications against the legal criteria listed below. There are four main things to consider in a real relationship:

  • Financial aspect
  • Social aspect
  • Type of household in question
  • Engagement type

Financial aspects regarding Visa for partners:

It's amazing to understand that every relationship is different. Not all couples link their finances through a joint account. The authenticity of a factual relationship or marriage must be proven. It is necessary to identify the legal obligations that the partners owe each other. The immigration service takes care of all financial aspects of the couple.

Social aspects of partner visas:

Social attention is an equally important aspect of any relationship. The way society (friends, family, acquaintances, and relatives) views a couple's relationship is very important. The marital relationship is quite clear to society. This is a bonded relationship. In fact, the relationship is one in which the partners live together as a couple.