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How To Protect Trees During Construction Work

Your property's trees add value. Shade trees can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. It is important to preserve trees when construction works are occurring nearby as under the low impact development criteria.

Because of their aesthetic and environmental value, homes are often built near trees. Hence,here are some things to have a look:

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Construction work is what causes the most tree damage. Arboricultural consultants should be consulted with all parties involved in the project to avoid long-term and short-term tree damage.

Protect existing trees – Heavy machinery and construction work near trees can cause irreparable harm. Arborists believe that fixing tree damage is more costly than preventing it. To protect trees, you should install visible and long-lasting barricades.

For young trees between 1 and 4 years old, the protection area should be minimal at 30 cm for every 2.5 cm of trunk size. The protected area should be two meters wide from the crown of mature trees.

Protecting root systems – Trees have two types of roots. Large and small absorbing roots. The large system is horizontally expanding and measures between 15-60 cm deep.

They provide anchorage and nutrients transport. They are 0.16 cm wide and absorb nutrients and water. A tree's health can be affected if one of these systems is damaged.

Before and after any construction works are done on your property, it is wise to have a tree survey. This is the best way for you to determine if your trees are healthy and what steps should be taken to prevent them from becoming damaged.