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How to Do Screen Printing Actually Work?

Screen printing is an ancient process to print on almost any material. With the new engine it is even possible to print on a cylinder, with traditional screen printing methods, it is impossible. Genuine silk used to screen has been replaced today with a nylon material that has a very, very tight mesh.

Screen material stretched over a frame, often made of wood. It is much like a window screen that you would have in your home, although much tighter mesh screen, which means weave closer together. If you would like to know more information about Screen Printing you may search on google about australianmerchco.

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 Emulsions are photo-sensitive material that would coat the nylon mesh. When exposed to light hardens the emulsion and bonds with a mesh screen. Nothing happened to the emulsion in which light is blocked from reaching it and then washed away.

The process involves three basic steps. One is to prepare your artwork, pictures, or text and get it made into a movie. The film is clear with the artwork or text to black. The second is to put this film at the top of your screen and exposing it to the light source for a predetermined amount of time.

To print a screen placed on top of the material you want to print. Everything should be stored securely in place so that the frame, as well as the material, moves at all. Ink color you want to use and then applied to the screen at the top of the image.