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Future Hobby Stores in Hamilton

Gone are the days of overcrowded shops catering to a wide range of interests but not having the entire range for a particular hobby or experience to be able to answer technical questions from customers. The customer base is no longer environmentally oriented. With the advent of the internet, today's customer base is much more global. The supplier base is also global, and cost savings are passed on to customers.

Cast Your Anchor is designed to promote the hobby of modeling ships, both static and radio-controlled. 

We have taken a number of initiatives to promote hobby supplies.

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Children's workshops: We offer free workshops for children 8 years and older. Viking ships, schooners, three-misted frigates, all with solid hulls, glue and paint. To lure kids into the shop, we offer a variety of pirated copies. Yes, friend!

Reference library: We build a reference library for our customers. It is professionally cataloged and will evolve over time. In addition to the model books we keep, our library contains reference material for specific ship models.

Forums: We create online forums or chat rooms through our website so that customers can share knowledge or ask questions. You can find useful tips and recommendations on our website.

Community Commitment: Cast Your Anchor is involved in a number of community-based projects and supports the restoration of the Toronto Maritime Museum.

Today's hobby shops need to be technically competent, geared towards killer customer service, and willing to listen carefully to their customers. Nothing stays the same, so flexibility is very important.