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Fused Glass Stringers Handicrafts

Here are some great arts and crafts ideas made from fused glass. As well as being a challenging material to work with, fused glass projects have given rise to create fantasies for artists, and they are also remarkably beautiful, with textures ranging from the opacity of glazes on high heat to the clarity of the water. Saw pins made of glass are not difficult to make, but they do require the technique of using a glass saw to cut glass plates. 

Molten glass pins and pendants can also be formed with inclusions and many elements can be sealed in molten glass artwork. Inclusions can add unique details to any glass fusion project. Another hanging idea is a miniature ceramic frame designed to hold a small photo of the user's choice. These make unique jewelry pieces and are appreciated gifts. If you want to buy the best dichroic stringer visit

 Photo frame pendants do not need to be square or rectangular, you can let your imagination run wild. Bracelets made from fused glass stringers formed around ceramic cylinders can be a bit daunting at first, as the technique requires working quickly inside a hot furnace. However, the finished product is amazing to behold and exciting to make, as so many creative designs and fantastic ideas can be achieved with this technique.

Pocket vases can be made of molten glass shaped around fiber panels or fiber paper molds. Fiberboard is more difficult to remove from the finished glass piece than fiberboard. This also requires more time and careful control of oven temperature and time to achieve the desired look. 

Another enjoyable and rewarding project is a melt pot, in which the glass sheets are placed in molds or cut and used for other melting projects. Each melt pot is a unique experience and the colors can be mixed to create fascinating and unique designs and patterns. Tumbled glass bowls are easy to create, but knowledge of how to use a glass saw is required.