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Everyone Must Know Right Now About Floridas New Remote Online Notarization Law

Remote Online Notary (RON) is a process whereby the signer and the notary use audio and video communication to notarize the signer's electronic signature on an electronic document. This means that online notaries have been redefined to include performing notarial deeds electronically, with the signer appearing before the notary through audio-video communication technology.

Notaries and signatories can see and hear each other through their computer screens, but no longer need to be physically present with each other. You can also avail distant online notarization in Florida.

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Not every notary in Florida is authorized to notarize documents online. Once all Florida requirements are met, such as: For example, attending a state-approved two-hour RON course and paying an application fee requires an existing Florida notary to register in the state as an electronic notary to notarize documents online.

Proof of identity is only possible through a state-qualified RON service provider. RON notaries must verify credentials using credential technology analysis and proof of identity by presenting remote transmission of government-issued ID cards analyzing ID documents and proof of identity in the form of knowledge-based authentication. All this is possible only with the help of a qualified and approved RON service provider.

Remote online property closing is now possible. Consent of all parties to a real estate transaction (seller, buyer/borrower, lender) must be obtained electronically before execution and notarization of documents, and the mortgage lender must approve and approve the use of RON. The real estate deal may be void if this is not done.