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Did Abebe Bikila run a marathon barefoot?

Abebe Bikila was an Ethiopian runner who won the Rome Olympics marathon on 10 September 1960 running without footwear. Abebe became a eleventh hour addition to the team and the teams footwear provider, Adidas, didn't have ample time to arrange running shoes for him. They had only had two pairs still left, of which neither fitted him. Abebe decided he'd then do the the marathon without running shoes. For the following Olympics in Tokyo in 1964, Abebe once more got the gold medal in the marathon, however achieved it this time using running shoes and also ran it quicker. He passed on in 1973 at the age of 41 from problems from a car accident. Abebe Bikila is respected and adored in his home country which has a stadium bearing his name.

Abebe Bikila carries a unique place in the background of marathons, particularly from those who propose and publicize barefoot running because they hold Abebe Bikila up as proof that the race may be run without shoes. Throughout that community Abebe Bikila is a hero with an almost god like popularity. There has been a novelty a little while back for doing away with running shoes and running without running shoes. This was influenced by way of a large amount of websites, message boards, publications and social media discourse as something which was favorable and superior for runners. A lot of unsubstantiated promises appeared for barefoot running, none of which stood up to succeeding critique. This fad lasted a couple of years, most likely reaching its peak around 2013-14 with possibly around a quarter of athletes trying it or giving it a go at it in some form. The trend rather quickly disappeared when almost all athletes whom used it got an overuse injury or discovered that it did not fulfill all the claims which got devised for it. Barefoot running has today been consigned to the history books, with only a handful of dedicated barefoot running enthusiasts still running barefoot.

There is plenty of research published on barefoot running that those who like to support and recommend barefoot running held these studies up as evidence that barefoot running was much better. Nevertheless, the research in no way actually indicated that at all and was widely misinterpreted. All of the research confirmed has been that without shoes running was different to running in running footwear which was all.