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Bath Salts and Body Scrubs

Wondering how to create bath salts? Here is a simple homemade bath salt recipe to help soothe sore joints, moisturize dry skin and relax you for your next hot bath. A great way to kick start your relaxation routine and ease away those sore muscles after a hard day at the office, spas, or an intense workout at the gym. Just add a pinch of this warm homemade bath salt to your favorite bath water and prepare to enjoy some instant relaxation.

The Dead Sea Salt is extracted from the Dead Sea located in Israel. It has been used by mankind for many years as a medicinal treatment. Many individuals enjoy relaxing with a cup of this warm mineral water and a little bath salts because of its therapeutic effects. The mineral content of this type of salt helps to neutralize the acidic properties of our body's fluids. This allows the essential minerals and medicinal elements of our body to be more effectively distributed throughout the body.

Unlike commercial products, the Dead Sea Salt does not contain any form of added stabilizers or preservatives. It contains naturally occurring minerals like sodium, potassium, and magnesium that provide the benefits associated with the dead sea salt. The minerals found in the Dead Sea have been used for centuries to treat the most common health complaints. When harvesting this salt from the Dead Sea, it is harvested using hand shovels that scoop out the crystals and collect them in small jars. The jars are then stored for up to 3 years without opening.

Other forms of this healing salt include crystal salt, pink Himalayan salt, and ionic liquid. Crystal salt is harvested by evaporating the water while leaving the minerals behind. Pink Himalayan salt is created by electrolysis and is known for its cleansing abilities. The ionic liquid is created by absorbing negative ions from the air, thus curing ailments such as sore throats and headaches. These types of salts are often included in alternative medicine therapies as well.

All three types of mineral salt are processed to varying degrees. Crystals are harvested by spinning while liquid treats are processed through a process called pyrolysis. Although most types of these products are refined, some still retain a bit of their natural mineral value. One way to tell if a mineral salt is refined or unrefined is to look at the sodium chloride content.

Natural salts come from seawater and can be found worldwide. The most commonly used form of these natural salts is table salt. In addition to the many benefits of the dead sea mineral salt, table salt has many other uses. It is commonly used in cooking, as it makes the dishes taste better. Many people prefer the flavor and texture of table salt over seawater due to the natural qualities of the mineral salts. Some people even combine it with other ingredients to create a more complex flavor or to improve the texture of certain foods.

Sea salt and Dead Sea salt water are used to treat sports injuries, heal wounds, and detoxify the body. It is possible to purchase these products in many health stores throughout the USA. A lot of retailers also provide online shopping for those who are unable to visit a store. There are also many websites that sell bath salt from the Dead Sea salt water and sea salt products.

Himalayan Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt is also used as a beauty product. Most people don't even realize that this mineral salt is used for various beauty applications. However, many spas and salons use the pink Himalayan salt as an astringent to remove dry skin, cleanse the hair, and remove dead cells. It is even being researched to possibly help reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer.