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An easy way for a great neck massage

The neck is one of the most common parts of the body that tightens and stretches easily. Accumulated stress and tension in the neck and shoulders can cause shoulder pain and headaches.

Neck massage is a must for many people who spend hours at work in the wrong sitting position at the computer. Here are some simple ways to do self-massage for neck.

An easy way for a great neck massage

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Begin self-massage by squeezing and kneading one shoulder with the other hand switching sides, and repeating. You can apply some massage oil directly to the skin for smooth movements. Then, move your arms to hold your neck and squeeze them firmly to release muscle tension.

Arch your shoulders and bring them to your ears. Hold it in place for 5 seconds and release it. When you relax your shoulders, you will feel the tension or muscle tension decrease.

Another way to do a self-massage on the neck is by squeezing both hands and placing them behind the neck. Bring your arms together and take a deep breath as you enjoy the stretch.

Another useful method is to use one hand and run your fingers in a circular motion around your neck on one side of the spine. With the tension built into the area, deep stresses can be applied.

There are many advantages to a simple neck massage. Immediately after massaging the area, you will feel increased mobility in your neck and shoulders.

You will experience perfect health, as the massage is ideal for relaxing your body and mind while increasing flexibility. Start massaging your neck today if you can't get someone else to do it for you!